Women’s Volleyball League

VB League 3 (2)

St. Paul Civic Center

Women’s Volleyball League

Starting March 4, 2018

League Information

∗ $200 per team. Includes 7 weeks of league games plus a single-elimination tournament on week 8.

∗ Games will be played on Sunday nights beginning March 4, 2018. Tournament is on Sunday, April 29, 2018.

∗ Games will be played at the Civic Center gym – 423 Howard Avenue, St. Paul, NE

∗ Players must be at least 18 years of age & out of high school.

∗ Individuals may only play on one team per night.

∗ Rally scoring will be used. Games will be 3 sets to 21, win by 2. Sets will have a point cap set at 25.

∗ USA Volleyball Rules will be used.

∗ Winning team will receive free registration for next session of women’s volleyball league.

VB League Registration

VB League Rules

VB League Team Roster

Return forms and payment to:

St. Paul Civic Center, 423 Howard Ave, PO Box 64, St. Paul, NE 68873